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It is not known precisely how fireworks were developed but most of the authorities believe that 2000 years ago an anonymous inventor from China started to use “green bamboo” in sacred rituals. Other people flung chunks of bamboo onto the fire. The people around didn’t expect the bamboo to explode loudly in the excessive heat! So, the idea of fireworks came into existence! Those people believed that the “boom” sound would drive them away from the evil spirit. Thus, they began to use green bamboo in several happy ceremonies to fend off evil spirits. Years later, new firecrackers replaced the age-old bamboo as Crackers Manufactures came up with new ideas to make fireworks.


From time immemorial, fireworks supposed to be part of celebrations, revelries, festivities, and other merriments. But lately, the popularity of crackers has caused them to become part of any celebration. Fireworks Suppliers are getting into a prosperous business as a result as more people find bonfires a necessary entertainment. The Crackers Manufactures supply the crackers, which are then delivered to the shops and other portals.


Crackers Manufacturers supply Fireworks to a series of industries. They are particularly accepted by planners of the events and concerts who want to blow firecrackers to welcome their invitees as a symbol of courtesy.

Most Crackers Manufacturers vend in huge quantities. So, it has become easy for the retailers to acquire them in large volumes to sell them out at reasonable prices. Firecrackers Suppliers also provide crackers to different individual sellers and dealers that want to sell them for their trading.


Fireworks have now become a fabulous way to mark any special occasion in a new, exciting way. Read on a few merriments and festivities that will give you a preview of the use of fireworks around the world.

Independence Declaration

The USA celebrates its freedom from British rule on 4th July by lighting up the sky from New York to Las Vegas. The day is closed with barbecues feast with near and dear ones.


Heritage of Japan

Since the 18th century, the Japanese rejoice their momentous heritage by the fireworks art during the month of August. Today, many Crackers Manufacturers attend the ceremony with their new supplies to attend the competition. The best demonstration is seen in Tokyo by the river Sumida.


Festival of Light

The ‘Festival of Lights’, called “Diwali”, is celebrated in India and other Indian communities throughout the world between October and November every year. The astonishing effect of Diwali is brought about by the Fireworks Suppliers who provide explosives that explode in the sky in a variety of patterns and multiple dazzling colors. The clay pot lamps lit with mustard oil are left outdoor to ward off malicious spirits.


Nation Building

Singapore initiated its fireworks show in 2004 to commemorate its past and celebrate its nationwide values. Each year, thousands of visitors attend Marina Bay to watch this amazing cracker display.


Celebrating Christmas

In South American countries, a significant part of Christmas is to play with minor fireworks on the roads. The “Fountains of Light” are also generated in local villages made out of hand made little stars. Roman candles are lit across these countries over Turkey sandwiches together with pineapple juice in the evening.


There are lots of more celebration throughout the world where fireworks play an indispensable role. Crackers Manufacturers and Fireworks Suppliers both make these shows more delightful with their recent supplies.